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<bgsound src="ex.mid" loop=infinite>
Welcome to my haunted maze(ha,ha), no one to help you through this but yourself! Your journey will begin here, its up to you to find your way out. You are about to enter a haunted maze, there are many passages, and many evil creatures to get past, but if your lucky you will reach the exit. Your journey will be dark until you find the light. Thats the only tip i can give you. To begin, find the link to the first passage,its somewhere on this page,(slowly move your mouse curser over the screen until you find it) good luck and I'll see you at the end if you make it!!!(Ha Ha)
(*note*)You will need to be able to play midi and wav soundfiles on your computer, otherwise you may get some type of error message. Also, the pages take some time to load,with sound and graphics, so please be patient)((look for the link below))